A tehsil is an administrative subdivision of the district administration. It is an area of land with a city or town that serves as its administrative center, with possible additional towns, and usually a number of villages. The terms in India have replaced earlier geographical terms, such as pargana, pergunnah and thannah, used under the Delhi Sultanate and the British Raj.

As an entity of local government, the tehsil office exercises certain fiscal and administrative power over the revenue villages within its jurisdiction. It is the ultimate executive agency for land records and related administrative matters. The chief officer is called the SDM/tahsildar. Tehsil can be considered sub-districts in Indian (Bharat) context. In some instances, tehsils come under the land and revenue department, headed by tehsildar.

District Muzaffarnagar is divided into 4 Tehsil. These are :-

Teshsil Names :

  1. SADAR