Order Issued by District Administration and Police Department Muzaffarnagar

  1. Instructions Regarding Cleanliness, etc. for Prevention of Novel Corona Virus –(Date:- 13/03/2020)
  2. Press Release (DIOS Office) –(Date:- 13/03/2020)
  3. Control Room Nodal list –(Date:-16/03/2020)
  4. Zone And Sector Officers List –(Date:- 16/03/2020)
  5. In Relation to the Implementation of Section 144 –(Date:- 17/3/2020)
  6. Instructions Regarding Cleanliness etc. for Prevention of Corona Virus (Covid-19) –(Date:-19/03/2020)
  7. Police Team List For Doctors Team –(Date:-20/03/2020)
  8. Control Room Staff List –(Date:- 21/03/2020)
  9. List of Employees for Solving Problems and Availability of Food Items and Essential Items –(Date:- 22/03/2020)
  10. Lock down Order –(Date:- 24/03/2020)
  11. List of Employees for Solving Problems and Availability of Food Items and Essential Items (Tehsil Level) -(Date:- 24/03/2020)
  12. Regarding Food Items and Medical Facility (Tehsil Sadar) -(Date:- 24/03/2020)
  13. Regarding Exemption to Sugar Mill and Distillery During Lock down Period -(Date:-24/03/2020)
  14. Relaxation Time to Milk, Grocery and Medical Shops –(Date:- 25/03/2020)
  15. Instructions Related to Safety, Precautions, Cleanliness and Customer Service Time at Bank Branches and ATMs –(Date:- 25/03/2020)
  16. Change in Sector Magistrate (Sector 6 and 8) –(Date:- 26/03/2020)
  17. Officer-in-Charge List for Different Work during Lock Down –(Date:- 26/03/2020)
  18. Milk, Grocery, Animal Feed and Medical Shops Related to Relaxation Time Change –(Date:- 26/03/2020)
  19. Ethanol and Alcohol Transportation –(Date:- 26/03/2020)
  20. Zonal,Sector and Sub Sector List –(Date:-26/03/2020)
  21. Regarding Bank and ATMs –(Date:- 27/03/2020)
  22. List of Officers Nominated for Preparation of Database of Daily Earning Persons –(Date:- 27/03/2020)
  23. District Disaster Management Committee for Corona Virus Prevention –(Date:- 27/03/2020)
  24. Regarding Perishable Farm Products –(Dated:- 28/03/2020)
  25. Committee Constituted for Purchase of Food and Essential Commodities –(Date:- 28/03/2020)
  26. Regarding Cancellation of Pass on Misuse of Vehicle Pass –(Date:- 28/03/2020)
  27. District Borders Checking Team –(Date:- 28/03/2020)
  28. Related to Veterinary and Animal Services –(Date:- 29/03/2020)
  29. Committee for Purchase of Medical Related Products –(Date:- 29/03/2020)
  30. Regarding the Arrangement of People Coming From Outside States –(29/03/2020)
  31. Committee for Selection of Destitute/Nomadic and Poor Families (not covered by ration card) –(Date:- 29/03/2020)
  32. Regarding Free Food Supply –(Date:- 30/03/2020)
  33. Instructions Regarding Annual Audit in Banks and Authorized Outsourced Employees of Bank/ Bank Mitra –(Date:- 30/03/2020)
  34. Fixed Prices of Essential Commodities as per Covid-19
  35. List of Straw Traders in the District Muzaffarnagar
  36. Mobile ATM Van Schedule