This Board was established in the year 1872.  This Nagar Palika consists 45 members of 45 wards under Govt. Order No. 903 fu0ls0@ukS&1&05 'kklukns'k la0 903@fu0ls0@uks&1&05&14 fu0ls0@05  dated 30.11.2005   at present within area of 12.05 square km. 5 members are nominated by the Government, 1005 employees are working.  Population of the Municipal area is 235576 Municipal area ic eased by Roorkee barrier-circular Road joint in the North, Sujdu Barrier in the south, Joint of Gandhi Nagar, Main Road at Bhopa Road and Almaspur crossing at Jansath road in the East. Shamli Road up to Kali River in the west.


1. PUBLIC WORKS SECTION:   Constructed Metelled Road 301.84 Km., Brick on edge Flooring Road 152.87 Km., Non constructed Road 148.24 Km. Total Road  602.95 Km., and Palika has total land 84-0-0 Pacca Bigha according to Property Register, drains in almost all localities for excretion of water required works are in progress in different areas. Works are carried out with Board's Fund, Avasthapna Nidhi, 11th Finance Commission & Revolving Fund.


2. TAX SECTION :  Maintenance of the entire records of House Tax Water Tax, Licences, Tehbazari, Advertisement, Kiosks. House Tax and water tax are imposed @ 10% of the Annual rental value of the building. This section also owns the responsibility of realisation of the abovesaid due alongwith removal of temporary encroachment on the road sides. Special rebate of 20% is allowed if the Municipal taxes are paid in prescribed time of 15 days.  Other taxes like Cinema Show Tax, Rickshaw licence, Heckney carriages etc. are also imposed. Five yearly assessment 2002-07 is under enquiry.


            Nagar Palika owns 508 shops and 189 residential flats, a sum of Rs. 19,50,000/- is realised every year as rent of the buildings.


3. WATER WORKS SECTION :  This section owns the responsibility of the supply of Drinking Water to the public 372 km. pipe line is laid in Municipal area for this purpose.  Water Supply is being carried out through 32 tubewells round the clock, four Overhead tank are established of 6650  kilo liter capacity.  At present the water is supplied @ 125 litre per head per head per day.  To meet the required water supply        2  new tubewells are proposed, five generators are being established to met out the water supply during the failure of electricity supply.  This section has provided 32206 water connection to the consumers. Main source of income of this section is water charges & water tax.


4. STREET LIGHT SECTION :  This section owns the responsibility of street light in municipal area. 14 Semi Himast Light, 1970 sodium points, 4200 tube lights and 150 bulbs are installed in different areas for this purpose. An Annual budget of Rs. 20,00,000/- per annum is provided for its maintenance.


5. PUBLIC HEALTH SECTION :  Sanitation is the main job of this section.  Check on eatable goods is also its responsibility.  This work is carried out through Sweepers, with the help of 10 tractor trolly, 3 trippers, 1 J.C.B., 2 loadders, one nala cleaning machine, 160 Rickshaw trollers. A free Immunisation Centre for children is also maintained which consist of Polio drops, chicken pocks, vaccine and D.P.T. Vaccine. Registered birth 8342 and death 927.   In P.F.A. Act 1105 Licences are issue during the Financial Year.


6. KAMLA NEHRU VATIKA :  Nagar Palika owns a Famous garden named Kamla Nehru Vatika.  This garden has well maintained lone and children park. This garden open to general public for morning & evening walk.  The garden carries many trees of important fruits, which are being sold by the public auction every year.


7. MUNICIPAL GIRLS INTER COLLEGE :  This Nagar Palika carries an important Girls Educational Centre, Education from VIth to XIIth in different subjects to provided to nearly 1500 girls every year.


8. GENERAL ADMINISTRATION : This department owns the responsibility of entire administration of the board alongwith compliance of Govt. orders.  Implementation of lawfulness and to provide required informations/statements by the Govt. Control on general census, cattle census and elections etc.  This department is also carries the account sections which maintain the entire accounts of income (including various grants) Rs. 10,00,73,698.00 and expenditures Rs. 9,63,11,946 in the financial year 2004-05 and now in present financial year 2005-06 Board Income (including various grants) Rs. 7,34,50,860.00 & expenditure 5,55,25,255.00 on dated 30.11.2005.


9. YAMUNA ACTION PLAN :  The assets created under Yamuna Action Plan are taken by Nagar Palika Parishad, Muzaffarnagar. As per G.O. No. 145/CGA/9-5-2005/11(2) 2001 dt. 18.3.2005 on 01.05.2005 from U.P. Jal Nigam, Ghaziabad. The details of assets are -- (i)             Intermediate Pumping Station - 2 Nos. (ii) Main Pumping Station - 1 No. (iii) Submerssible Pumps of Various Capacity - 8 Nos. (iv) V.P. Pumps - 3 Nos. (v) Diesel Generator set of various capacity - 4 Nos. (vi) Nos. of Nalas tapped - 5 Nos at 7 Places. (vii) Rising main -- 400 mm dia - 1250 Mtrs., 500 mm dia - 1625 mts., 200 mm dia - 700 mts. (viii) Works at S.T.P. (Sewage Treatment Plant) -- (i) Total area of Land acquired - 56.056 hectare, (ii) Primary & Secondary Ponds - 4 Nos. (In Approx. 32 hectare), (iii) Afforesation in - 23 hectare.  Main Purpose of the plant is to Control the Pollution of Yamuna through Kali Nadi.


10. OFFICER DESIGNATION & OFFICE ADDRESS WITH TELEPHONE NO. :   Executive Officer, Nagar Palika Parishad, Muzaffarnagar (U.P.), Tel. No. 2403159.