Breeding Section

Experiments are conducting in Breeding Division their title and objective

A Spring Season-

1-     Title Second clone generation.

Objective Multiplication of promising clones as well as perused clones for disposition of their characters in order to select the desirable types.

2-     Title Preliminary varietal trial (Early- Midlate)

Objective To identity the early high sugared and mid late maturing varieties.

3-     Title Standard varietal trial.

Objective To select the varieties suitable for cultivation under various agro-climatic conditions.

4-     Title Uniform regional varietal trial.

Objective To test the suitability of promising and released varieties of different regions.

5-     Title Late planting varietal trail

Objective To test the suitability of sugarcane varieties under late planting.

6-     Title Standard varietal trail (Ratoon)

Objective To identity varieties suitable for better ratoon .

7-     Title Late planting varietal trial (Ratoon)

Objective To indentify varieties suitable for batter ratoon in late planting conditions.

B- AICRP Trials

1-     Under All India Co-Ordinated  Research Project Sugarcane in North West Zone to identify suitable varieties for cultivation in North West Zone last year (2010-2011) 7 trials were conducted-

(i)                Advance Varietal Trail (Early II plant crop)

(ii)             Advance Varietal Trial ( Early Ratoon)

(iii)           Advance Varietal Trial (Midlate II plant crop)

(iv)            Advance Varietal Trial (Midlate Ratoon)

(v)               Advance Varietal Trial (Early I plant crop)

(vi)            Advance Varietal Trial (Midlate I plant crop)

(vii)          Initial Varietal Trial (Early)

C- Autumn Season

1-     Title Uniform varietal trail (Autumn)

Objective To test the suitability of newly released as well as latest promising varieties under autumn planting.

D-        Title Evaluation of germplasm.

            Objective To maintain the sugarcane germplasm.


Agronomy Section

Autumn Planting

1-     To test the effect of intercrops and cultural practices with winter harvested plant cane for better ratooning.

2-     To enhance production potential through planting method and its economic feasibility during autumn season.

3-     To study the effect of various planting manipulation for increasing productivity and profitability of sugarcane in wheat based cropping system.

4-     To workout the suitability of different intercrops with autumn planted sugarcane through dup trench method.

5-     a- To study  the effect of sett placement in trench an productivity and economics.

b- To findout the appropriate depth of soil covers an sets and irrigation scheduling for higher productivity and profitability of sugarcane.

Spring Planting

1-     To study the bio effectiveness of decamba against grassy and non grossy weeds and cane yield in sugarcane.

2-     To workout the fertility levels and spring of newly released / promising varieties (Spring planting and late spring planting separately)

3-     To identify the sugarcane varieties suitable for gur production under different agroclimatic conditions.

4-     To increase the productivity and profitability through mamipulation in fertilizer and irrigation scheduling in trench planted sugarcane intercropped with urd in spring season.

5-     To test the suitability of newly released / promising varieties of zonal centers (plant and ratoon crops)


Physiology Section

Spring Planting

1-     Name of the expt Drought tolerance in Sugarcane.

2-     Objective Evaluation of promising sugarcane varieties under deficient soil moisture condition.

Autumn Planting -

3-     Name of the expt Effect of plant bio-stimulant on sugarcane.

4-     Objective To find out the effect of bio-stimulant on crop growth yield and juicequality.


Soil and Agricultural Chemistry Section

1-     Soil samples from farmers field are analysed for their available major nutrients and their results regarding application of required fertilizers to the growers.

2-     Collection of soil samples of different sugar factory zone and analysis done accordingly on the basis of analysis, soil fertility map is prepared with fertilizer recommendation and sent to the concern for their application properly. In this connection the soil sample analysis and preparation of soil fertility map of Bhasina, Shamli, Unn, Morna (Muzaffarnagar), Bilai (Bijnor) and Sanbitgarh (Buland Share) Sugar factory zone done.

3-     Representatives of different sugar factory are given training for soil analysis due to the grower of their factory would know about soil testing and the balance fertilizer application.

Sugar Chemistry

1-     West U.P. of different sugar factory zone and cane samples analysis low recovery results and sent to the concern report.


Extension Division

Demonstration of sugarcane production technology, to improve the knowledge, skill and attitudes of the cane growers through different communication media.

1-     Field Demonstrations

a.       Varietal demonstrations

b.      Plant cane demonstrations

c.      Inter cropping demonstrations

d.      Ratoon management demonstrations

e.      Late spring demonstrations

Other Extension Activities

To transfer the latest sugarcane production technology through various extension method

2-     Exhibition and Kisan mela

3-     Gosthies and field days

4-     Group meeting, lectures, radio talk/T.V. Talks etc.

5-     Training / Visits

Mycology Section

1-     Survey of sugarcane diseases in different factory zone in western U.P. and their management.

2-     To study the resistance of different outstanding varieties of sugarcane against red rot disease.

3-     To test the resistance of different outstanding varieties under standard varietal trial against smut disease.

4-     Farmers and sugarcane development staff training.


Entomology Section

1-     Survey of sugarcane insect pest in different factory zone in western U.P. and their control.

2-     Varietal screening for resistance to major insect pest of sugarcane.

3-     Time to time conduct the experiment to find out the effective doses of insecticides for the control of  insect past.