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Sh.Hukum Singh

MLA-Kairana & Formar Cabinet Minister U.P.(BJP)



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Resident of Kairana town of Muzaffarnagar district would have hardly dreamt his son to be the fate maker of U.P. politics. This child, born on 5th April, 1938 by the name of Babu Hukum Singh has retained a distinguished place from Lucknow to political lanes. Babu Hukum Singh has been a brilliant boy since his childhood. In view of deep interest in studies he was sent to Allahabad for higher education. He completed B.A., L.L.B. from there. In the mean time he got married with Mrs. Revti Singh on 13th June,1958. He adopted practice of Law as his profession. He received special training for practice by known Advocate of the time named Mr. Brahma Prakash ji and started independent practice from 1962. This time he appeared at P.C.S.(J) exams. and got selected, before he could begin his services as Judicial Magistrate, China attacked India, as a result the utmost important aspect was the security of mother land.


The contemporary Prime Minister Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru called the youths to came forward for defending the country in his message to the nation. Listening the emotional speech, Babu Hukum Singh joined Indian Military and 1963, and was posted as Commissioned Officer. Just after the end of Indo-China war, clouds of war from the side of Pakistan surfaced. In 1965 a terrible war occurred between India and Pakistan. At that time Babu Hukum Singh was posted as Captain in Poonch Rajouri sector. In this war he exhibited highest level of courage and gave meaning to his uniform of honour. After the war ended and normalcy prevailed, he resigned from the captainship and returned to Muzaffarnagar ad again started the practice of Law in 1969.

In a very short span of time, he became popular among his fellow advocates and responding the wishes of the his friends he offered his candidature as President of  Bar Association and declared elected in 1970. Eventually, Babu Hukum Singh had no interest in politics. He wanted to establish himself as a barrister. He had a desire to become a respected Lawyer. He was proceeding towards the same destination but there occurred a turning point in his life and he joined politics. From that time starting the political journey, Babu Hukum Singh progressing towards the same direction. It was 1974 when he was a rmarkably popular due to his distinct personality. He used to participate in social revolutions along the lines of practice. Impressed by his popularity, Congress and Lok Dal both invited him to fight for Assembly Elections. After considerably assessment he decided to fight from Congress Ticket. Thus, for the first time he became Member of Legislative Assembly in 1974 and faced Vidhan Sabha. Second time he was elected from Lok Dal in 1980 and third time in 1985 and first time appointed as Minister of State for Animal Husbandry and Dairy Development in the government lead by Sh. Veer Bahadur Singh. After the change of leadership, during the chief ministership of Sh. Narayan Dutt Tiwari, he was raised to the rank of Cabinet Minister and assigned the important ministries of Food and Civil Supply and Minister of State Affairs. Besides, he was deputed and served as chairman of Lok Lekha Samiti in 1981-82, "Mahamantri" of U.P. Congress Committee in 1975, President of Lok Dal in 1980, and Deputy Speaker of Assembly in 1984. He was elected M.L.A. in 1995 on the BJP ticket for the fourth time. He also served as the Member of Advisory Committee of Library.

Though the number of Babu Hukum Singh's ethics is not very less but in such a constitutional state, he has been able to maintain his distinguished position in State Politics. When BJP under the leadership Mr.Kalyan Singh governed the state, his appointment left no stone unturned to pull his legs and besides, Mr. Kalyan Singh placed him in his ministry being impressed by his qualities. After some time all the leader of BJP realized that none that Hukum Singh can better perform the Job of Minister of State Affairs. As a result, this responsibility was also assigned to him. The same way during the course of Chief Ministership of Sh. Ram Prakash Gupta the opposition group again became active and he was thought to be a confident associate of Sh. Kalyan Singh, but these rumors could not hide his features. At present he is noted as one of the State. Sticking to his principles, strongly determined and alert for local development, this profile, is lovingly called by all sect of creed of people as Babu ji.

He is elected again in the recently concluded General ELection of STate legislative council 2007.