Drainage Division Muzaffarnagar, a unit of State Irrigation Department deals with the following problems:

a)    Flood Protection            b)    Drainage development.

            District Muzaffarnagar is situated between two major rivers viz. Yamuna and Ganga. Other small rivers such as Hindon, Krishna, Kali and Solani also flow through this district. Flood Protection works are mainly constructed on Yamuna, Ganga & Solani Rivers.

YAMUNA : 7.0 lacs cusecs has been the Highest discharge of river Yamuna in year 1978. Earthen marginal bunds are constructed almost all along 55 km. length of the river along district Muzaffarnagar which have safeguarded approx. 7830 hectares of culturable land and hundreds of villages from devastating floods and land erosion. 372 Nos. anti-erosion works have also been constructed almost all along the marginal bunds except the few reaches where works are under construction/investigation. Anti-erosion works comprising of spurs, studs and dampners are constructed with stone boulders. Photograph marked 'A' shows the packing of boulders in stud under construction while 'B' shows a completed stud.

            Another anti erosion work viz. Balla Spur is constructed by pilling of Eucalyptus ballies packed with sand bags and surrounded by stone packing Photograph 'C' shows the construction of a balla spur. Main quarry sites for procurement of stone boulders are in the vicinity of Hardwar and Badshahi bagh.

            Drainage Division have raised Marginal Bund on the left bank of river Yamuna which is 1.80 meter higher than HFL of year 1978.  On this raised Marginal Bund a mattled road of length 54.00 km. has been constructed from Village Barhi Muslim of Block Un to Village Dundukhera of Block Kandhla. This road will provide transport facility for villagers to carry their agriculual products                       

Yamuna is the second highest problematic river in the whole of state after Gandak as far as erosion is concerned. It has steeper slope and high velocity which caused abrubt erosion. Danger level and highest flood level at Kairana Bridge are 231.00 M and 232.80 M respectively.

GANGA:  5.0 lacs cusecs so far has been the highest discharge of this river. It has less steep bed slope and less velocity, hence it is lesser devastating and does not cause much problems in this district 2.5 km. long marginal bund is constructed for safeguarding the religious village Shukartal.  One flood protection scheme for constructing marginal bund in Ramraj Khadar Area is under investigation. Danger level and highest flood level at Shukartal are 226.50 and 227.30 respectively.

SOLANI : 1.30 Lacs cusecs is the estimated discharge of this river. The escape water from upper ganga canal at Dhanori escape added to the runoff from river catchment causes flooding of approx 9860 hectare of culturable land and  60 villages of district Hardwar and Muzaffarnagar. One flood protection scheme for constructing marginal bund along river Solani is under investigation.

            Marginal bunds are designed for in 25 years flood frequency discharge while anti-erosion works are designed for predominant discharge. Flood Protection Scheme are taken up for execution only after clearing from technical advisory committee of the state flood control board. Working season for execution of works is allowed between 15th October to 15th June.

            A well developed basin wise drainage system exists in the district.  Drainage systems in the command of Ganga Canal and Yamuna Canal are looked after the respective units. Drains of Yamuna and Ganga river basins are being maintained by this unit.  Presently Irrigation Department has accepted the programme of restoring internal section of some big drains which are known as trunk drains.  Internal section of one such drain viz. Katha Nala Trunk drain is being resorted by this unit in the current year after which approx. 37,000 hectare of land of this district will be benefitted.

SOURCE - Executive Engineer, Drainage Division, Canal Colony, Muzaffarnagar

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