Horticulture and Food Processing Department

Muzaffarnagar (U.P.)



District Muzaffarnagar has two State Horticultural Farm at Move Momaur 52.2 Hect. and Loi 17.10 hect. where seed of Potato i.e. Kufari Bahar F1, Khufari Satlaj and Khufai Anand are being produced which is shown in the month of Sept. & October and distributed to the farmers too at the Government rates. At the same time F1 seed of Vegetables have also being produced and distributed to the farmers at Govt. rates. At Govt. Nursery Loi and Kamla Nehru Batika of Distt. Muzaffarnagar is producing good progeny's of fruits plant and are distributing regularly to the ferments at Govt. rates, Fruits plants rate list are given below :-

1. Mango Grafted (all varieties) Rs. 14/- Per Plant

2. Guavava grafted (all varieties) Rs. 12/- Per Plant

3. Litchi grafted (all varieties) Rs. 14/- Per Plant

4. Amala grafted (all varieties) Rs. 12/- Per Plant

5. Citrus grafted (all varieties) Rs. 8/- Per Plant

6. Khatahal grafted Rs. 10/- Per Plant

7. Bar grafted Rs. 8/- Per Plant

8. Peach grafted Rs. 6/- Per Plant

9. Anar grafted Rs. 6/- Per Plant

10. Karoda Rs. 5/- Per Plant

11. Grape Rs. 6/- Per Plant


1. Bhindi Rs. 70/- Per Kg.

2. Onion Rs.110/- Per Kg.

3. Chilli Rs.350/- Per Kg.

4. Cauli Flower Rs.400/- Per Kg.

5. Pea Rs. 50/- Per Kg.

6. Dhaniya Rs. 60/- Per Kg.

7. Tomato Rs.725/- Per Kg.

8. Bringel Rs.665/- Per Kg.

AL-Fala Blossom Ltd., is situated at Gangeru Road, Block Kandhla of District Muzaffarnagar. They are producing Grand Gala (Reg.), Starlite (yellow) pareo Orange color, Pretty Woman (peck) color, Hollow red pink, varieties of roses and the cut floor are being exported to France, Holland.


Department Horticulture and Food preservation has established the center's at Head quarter of every District in the state even at Tehsil Head quarter some of District full preservation and canning institute was establish in 1949.


There are two center's in the District one is company bagh Muzaffarnagar and IInd is Shamli Distt. Muzffarnagar. These center provides training facilities to the public both the male and female. The duration of training course 15 days and fee's Rs. 20/- per candidate, qualification is required for admission for training working known of Hindi and capacity understand some Technical term's, during the training period basic known of making product's from fruits and vegetable to the candidates.

Facilities are also provided to the Public for preparing various fruit products, such as Jam, Jally, Pickles, Moraba, Squash, Seeripo, Canning fruits and vegetable and ketchup etc. Normal charges have to be paid for the service (full, chemical colour etc.) Theactual cost of material like essence, chemical can's etc. which are not easily available in the market. At present community charges is Rs. 5/- per kg. finished product and chemical charges on the basis of No Profit No Loss charge from Public are given below.


1- Tomato Sauce Rs. 6/- per bottle

2- Jam & Jally Rs. 8/- per bottle

3- Prickles Rs.5.50 per kg.

4- Moraba Rs.5.50 per kg.

5- Squash Rs. 8/- per bottle

6- Sarvat Rs. 9/- per bottle

LOCATION :- Horticulture and fruit processing company Bagh, Muzaffarnagar.