Prior to the establishment of this Division in 1981, forests of this district were managed by Meerut Forest Division. After Zamindari abolition in first half of the fifth decade, 10574.14 acres of land were resumed by the Revenue Department and were given to forest department for management.l Out of all these areas, 7719.91 acres were declared reserved forests under section 20 of Indian Forest Act, 1927. Declaration of remaining areas under section 20 of the above Act is under progre3ss, which will be done by Forest Settlement Officer, Bijnor.

    A major part of the forests of this district is in Jansath Tehsil, which is part of Hastinapur Wildlife Sanctuary. Currently all government lands and Gram Samaj lands within the boundary of the Sanctuary attracts the provisions of the   /wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972. Private lands within the boundary of the Sanctuary were not resumed at the time of settlement. Khair (Acacia Catechu), Sheesham (Dalbergia sissoo), Kanju (Holoptelea integrifolia), Arru  (Ailanthus excelsa), Babool (Acacia nilotica), Sain (Terminalia alata), Kath sagon (Haplophragma adenophylum), imli (Tamarindus indica), Amaltas (Cassia fistula), Arjun (Terminalia arjuna), Anwala (Embelica officinalis), etc. are the main tree species alongwith Ber (Ziziphus glaberrima), Dudhi (Holarrhena antidysentrica), Hingot (Herperethusa crenulata), Dahia (streblus asperlour) etc. as shrub species and Patera (Typha angustata), Moonj (Saccharum munja), Kans (Sanccharum spontaneum) etc., as grass species. Prosopis cineraria, Acacia nilotica and Subabool are the main species of the western side of the district which is mainly saline-alkaline soil. Cheetal (Axis axis), Sambar (Cervus unicolor), Blue bull Wildboar, Hare, Indian fox, Jackal, Swamp deer (Cervus devauceli devauceli), etc. are the main animal species of the Sanctuary.

    Other than the protection of forest wealth of forest areas alongwith trees of canal sides and roadsides, the main objective of this Division is to increase the forest cover of the district through departmental plantation and by motivating people to implement agroforestry activities on their private lands, in which achievement of the department is good as most of the farmers of this district have adopted agroforestry activities on their private lands, where they plant poplars, Eucalyptus, Toon, Kadamb, etc. for short term commercial exploitation. This activity is paying good dividend to the farmers. Other than forest department nurseries, there are a number of private nurseries throughout the length and breadth of the district form where, farmers and local people can purchase plants of these agroforestry species. Most of the agroforestry species like poplars, Eucalyptus, Jamun, babool are free from felling permit rules and for other species like Sheesham, Kadamb etc. farmers/local people are required to apply for felling permit which will be given by Divisional Director's office at Muzaffarnagar after necessary enquiry. It is for the information of the general public that felling permit for two trees in a year will be given by the concerned Range officer only.

    Departmental plantation activities are mainly done under Social forestry scheme of District plan. Plantation activities on G.S. land and other areas are also taken under SRY scheme as per availability of the fund.

    Physical and financial targets for the year 2000-2001 are as follows-

S.No.   Work Particulars               Physical Target        Phy. Achievement            Finance Available
1.        Plantation                             65.00 Ha.                  65.5 Ha.
2.        Old Plantation                      338.50 Ha.                338.50 Ha.
3.        New plants raising                 3.45 lakh                 under progress
4.        Old Plants in                         4.34 lakh                4.34 lakh                    Rs. 31.14 lakhs

          nurseries maintenance

5.        Advanced soil work               125.00 Ha.               30.00 Ha.

           for plantation in the                                         Rest under progress

           year 2001                    

6.        City afforestation                  200 plants             under progress                    20,000/- 

        Head of the office                      Divisional Director

        Address                                    Social Forestry Division Behind Vikas Bhawan,  Muzaffarnagar.

        Tel. No.                                    0131 - 4000740