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        The U.P. Ganna Kisan Sansthan Training Center, Muzaffarnagar came into existence in 1975 under U.P. Ganna Kisan Sansthan Lucknow. The training Center is situated on Circular Road, Muzaffarnagar. The working area cover all the sugar factories Zone of Western U.P. Cane Development Employees of root level (Cane Supervisors) Cane Growers and village Panchayat & Dev. Officers participate as trainees in different type of training programmes. There are Hostel of sixty furnished rooms for lodging, Library, Training Hall, Audio-usual aids and other training tools and equipments facilities are available also for trainees.

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        The training of employees and Sugar Cane Nursery Holders is organized on the center and rest are on factory gate, U.P. Cane Cooperative Societies and village level. To Operate regular training programmes Technical staffs are posted. According to requirement Scientists, subject matter specialists and Cane Officers of Sugar Cane Research Stations, Krishi Vigyan kendra & Cane Development are also invited time to time for talk, Literatures are also given trainees.

        There are 25 training programmes of cane Dev. employees & village Panchayat & Dev. officers have to organize in this year forty to fifty employees participate in one batch. Training Programmes are organized separate of each category.

        The object of the training programmes is to awareness of technical know-how regarding increasing productivity of Sugar Cane, Cane quality, Cane Dev. activities, Cane marketing procedure and all development schemes on village level. The trainees are visited sugar cane research farm and lab to identify different newly released varieties of sugar cane and to see scientific method of cultivation. The target of trainees one thousand employees in a year.

        In each cane grower training programmes hundred farmers are invited through concerning officers of Cane Development and Sugar factories. Approximately twenty thousand cane growers are trained in a year. The object of farmers training is to educate them regarding soil, Vital, integrated plant Nutrient, integrated pest management and Harvesting technique of sugar cane etc. another training programme of Sugar Cane Nursery holders are organized with the coordination of Western Cane seed corporation in a year which is based on seed cane quality only. In this porogramme facility of lodging boarding are free and actual fare are paid also.

        Under the Central sponsored scheme 1290 farmers have to trained in two days training programme on factory gate, Cane Dev. council and village level in this year. In this scheme trained farmers are paid dearness allowance Rs. Fifty per day and actual fare,. Stationary and Literature are given free also. The target of training are variable every year according to availability of funds.

        Every year, Sansthan organizes study tours of Sugar Cane growers and departmental staff/officers are given opportunity to study    the new techniques and innovation in respect of cane Management being carried out in Northern and Southern Sugar Cane breeding & Research Stations, Progressive farmers field, Agricultural University, various crop Research Stations, etc. of U.P. and as well as of India.

        The objective of the Department is to disseminate the latest Scientific methods of sugar cane breeding and management evolved are Research Institutions among cane growers and extension workers of Western U.P. through training programme coupled with various extension approaches. To organize exhibition & Seminars devoted to sugar cane development. To co-ordinate with departmental organization, and research institutions for increasing productivity of sugar cane and higher recovery of sugar. To organize mobile training Courses through latest audio-visual aids to make training.

        Imparting training to sugar cane growers according to their limited resources & Convenience, respect to cane cultivation coupled with defensive approaches against diseases and pests at these center as well as in the villages/zonal/sugar mill gate. Regular posting of latest technical know-how of the cane Management. So that they may pass them at the grass root level. Adoption of various extension approaches live demonstrations, exhibits, exhibitions, sugar cane literature etc. in villages and sugar mill gate.

LOCATION                          U.P. Ganna Kisan Sansthan Training Center, Circular Road,   Muzaffarnagar.

Fax/   Phone:                       0131-   403414                                            

Head of the Department     Director, U.P. Ganna Kisan Sansthan, Lucknow.

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