Basic Education


The Department::-Under the Basic Education Department, free education is being imparted to the children of age groups 6 to 11 and 11 to 14. Keeping in view their purpose Basic primary vIdyalayas and J.H.Schools are being constructed and to impart education to children, instructors from Non formal education center, Muzaffarnagar were appoint. The government has introduced District Primary Education Programme in which arrangement is being accomplished after appointing teachers and Shiksha-Mitras.

Running Projects Under Basic Education Department mid-day meal scheme, scholar-ships scheme,Area intensive programme running. In there projects children under age groups 6 to 11 and 11 to 14, are being benefited.

    A. Mid-Day-Meal Scheme:-Under this scheme all the children up to class Vth are given three kg. Wheat free of cost every month,the government allots 7115.79 Quintal wheat per month to this district.

    B. Scholarship scheme:-Under this scheme the students from 1 to 5 class belonging to the category S.C./O.BC/minorities get scholarships worth Rs. 300/- per year where as the students sending in class VI to VII get Rs.480/- per month. This grant is realized from Samaj kalyan/Minorities kalyan department.

    C. Area Intensive programme:-Under this scheme girls  Junior High Schools are being constructed Rs. 468000/- amount per school has been sanctioned by the government for this purpose. This year Girls Junior High School are under construction.

    D. Non Formal Education Programme:-Under this scheme free education is imparted to the children 6 to 11 age group. This scheme is running in 08 Blocks in the district. This year 19500 children are getting primary education 1t 786, Non formal education centers. At every center an instructor has been appointed. He/She is given emolument Rs. 200/- per month. Government provides free educational aids to all the children.

    E. District Primary Education Program:-The world Bank has declared this scheme which came into effect in this district on 01/04/2000. Under this scheme 63 new primary schools, 427 extra rooms, 100 E.C.C.E. Centre, 112 N.P.R.C. centers, 14 B.R.C. centers, reconstruction of 52 primary schools, repairing of 350 primary schools and 520 Toilets in district will be Constructed/accomplished. The total expenditure of this scheme will be Rs. 267738200/-. In this scheme in order to bring a qualitative improvement in education training programmes are being conducted and all the girls and the children belonging to scheduled castes are being provided text books free of costs.

    F. School Chalo Abhiyan:-Under the scheme of D.P.E.P. School Chalo Abhiyan was being conducted from 01/07/2000 to 31/07/2000. Efforts have been made to get all the children admitted. As a result of this 31.4% increase in registration of students has come into being.

    G. Special Health Checkup:-All the children of all the primary schools in this district have been medically examined from 15.8.2000. Health Department has given full Co-operation in this respect.

Office:-                  A)     Zila Basic education Officer

                                             Mahavir Chowk, Muzaffarnagar Phone:- 0131 407613.

                                     B)    Expert Basic Education Officer,

                                            Town Hall Road Opp. Peace Library Muzaffarnagar. Phone:- 0131 400858.

Head of department :-

  1. Director (Basic Education),   Nishat Ganj, Vidhya Bhawan, Lucknow.

   2.  Project Director (D.P.E.P.), Education for All , Nishat Ganj, Lucknow.

Source:District Basic Education Officer, Muzaffarnagar.